A Giant Weighted Cape

“Intimacy involves sharing my deepest fears and secrets while trusting the other person will accept them.” – Hope For Today 

It wasn’t until coming into the program and confiding in a sponsor that I finally felt I could be 100% forthright about everything I felt, thought and did in my life. 

Revealing it all in my 5th step was like a giant weighted cape being lifted of my shoulders. My daily program, having a Higher Power I trust, and keeping my side of the street clean helps keep the load off my back. 

I’m grateful that I have someone to whom I can be rigorously honest with, who doesn’t judge or shame me, but rather helps me find my way when I am lost. Thank you Dan. ILML! 

— JamieQ

One thought on “A Giant Weighted Cape

  1. Well said. The GIANT cape can keeps us hidden from our brothers, sisters & ourselves, how can we be of service to anyone when we are hiding behind or under anything!!! Thanks for the thought!!!


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