A Complete Game Changer

“… by letting go of obsolete ideas, I have an opportunity to learn something wonderful about myself.” — Courage to Change 

I’ve been to thousands of meetings, fellowshipped with hundreds of others, read & spread wisdom from our texts and other spiritual literature for three decades, yet I still cling to some old ideas that don’t serve me. Why? Fear? I don’t know. 

Often I wish I could snap my fingers and every character defect and unkind attitude would disappear forever. Sadly, it hasn’t worked like that for me. 

But here’s what has worked: 

My attitudes, actions and outlook are supremely kinder and more loving than they were when I entered the program. Before I embraced the wisdom embodied in our principles, shown to me by many of you, I was trapped in a painful existence. Before I discovered and developed a relationship with a loving higher power, my sole purpose in life was to satisfy my instincts. Before I had a loving Sponsor and Sponsees who trusted me, I felt alone and lost. 

It really is progress not perfection. In fact, my imperfections make me human, allowing me to be more accepting of others’ imperfections. That opens the door for tolerance, patience, compassion and empathy. In turn, when I work my program, these replace fear, self-pity and resentment. And ultimately my reactions are kinder and more loving, which is the goal for me.

The program has been a complete game changer for me. When I set aside “know-it-all-ism”, my old ideas like getting as much as I can, getting ahead at any cost, and getting even slipped away, replaced by new ideas like trusting, surrendering, service, responsibility, spiritual awareness and forgiveness. The road to riches truly is paved with love, kindness and gratitude. In fact, those are the riches. ILML!

— JamieQ

One thought on “A Complete Game Changer

  1. Awesome blossom 😃😄😄 with these attitudes, even in dying do we truly Live. Thanks JQ and thanks patty for liking the blog also. Scottsdale, AZ is definitely one of my favorite Happy Places WHERE I REMET MY HP AND WE FOUND TRUE HAPPINESS TOGETHER


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