I Love To…

“… start doing things that make us feel good.” — The Language of Letting Go

Regardless of how much there is to do and how much work I have, life is a bummer if I don’t do things I enjoy. My list of fun things are playing the guitar, getting to meetings, skateboarding, laughing with my wife, having fun with my kids, surfing, running, hiking, going to the beach, taking a bath, and reading spy novels. Of course I take care of my work and responsibilities, but these days I don’t let even one day go by without making sure I do some fun things. Making time to have fun each day is one of the reasons why ILML. Hit me up and tell me a few things you love to do? 

— JamieQ

2 thoughts on “I Love To…

  1. I enjoy reading , writing to penpals, playing trivia crack on my phone, going down to the ocean, going to meetings… Not in any particular order, LOL.


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