Not Playing God

“Humility enables me to depend more on God to help me overcome obstacles, to help me with my own imperfections, so that I may grow spiritually. I must solve more difficult problems to increase my proficiency and, as I encounter lifes stumbling blocks, I must learn to overcome them through God’s help. Daily communion with God demonstrates my humility and provides me with the realization that an entity more powerful than I is willing to help me if I cease trying to play God myself.”– Daily Reflections 7/12/15
This is a good reminder that when I am upset, uncomfortable, anxious, angry, etc. that I am in self-will and that I need to get back to humility and trusting God’s will. The “daily communion” for me would be my spiritual rituals such as daily readers with texting, prayer/meditation, meetings, and working with others. This takes me out of “playing God” in my life and gets me back in humility which gives me serenity. I do not want to be restless, irritable, and discontent today so I am doing the work and staying in the solution. ILML!

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