If I Stay Connected

“The repeated challenge in our spiritual life is to leave the secure trappings we know and take comfort in the still unknown new self. That is the leap of faith. We take the risk and trust something will be there for us. We have faith that letting go of our immediate attachments will bring us to a better place, that God will be there for us.” – Touchstones 7/30
Though I want and strive for material possessions every day through hard work and my drive to succeed financially, I know that my spiritual life makes everything worthwhile no matter what I have materially. This program has allowed me to confront my ego, as it says in another part of this reading, and allow me to find humility. 

My ego is strong and prevents me from experiencing the sunlight of the Spirit. It tells me I need to look like this, have this much money, buy this or that and be impressive on the outside. 

When I take care of myself spiritually through the tools of the program we have been so generously given, I open myself up to abundance which includes material things in my life. But whether I have them or not, if I stay connected to my higher power on a daily basis I can live happy, joyous, and free no matter what my life looks like on the outside. I am going to do the work today and stay in the solution. ILML!

— JasonW

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