Down the Rabbit Hole

“… search out fear, doubt, and anything else that promotes and supports self-sabotage.” — Until Today
It doesn’t take much to send me down the rabbit hole. It doesn’t require someone being mean, me not getting my way, or even losing something I want. It doesn’t require failing, or getting hurt, or being financially in trouble. All it requires is one little negative thought, that leads to feeling bad or angry, and the downward spiral begins. Today I’ll be aware of what I’m thinking and feeling, and if it’s not in line with love, abundance & kindness, I’ll stop and switch it up. By taking this kind of direction, I (get to) LML! 

— JamieQ


2 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. You are simply the best! What book is this from. ILML with the help of your emails. I am forever grateful to you.🌞

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