Energy Sucking Drama

“Don’t let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was. Giving ourselves over to feelings of discouragement is self-indulgent and saps our strength. The dailiness of our lives isn’t always dramatic and doesn’t usually offer great changes. But we are part of an unfolding process. Looking back over just a week or a month, we can recall troubled times that now seem insignificant. So we continue – knowing that our processes hopeful – even though we cannot perceive the details of our future.”– Touchstones 9/9

This is a good reminder and great knowledge to keep the energy sucking drama out of my life on a daily basis. I could think of things just days or weeks ago that had me very upset, fearful, discontent, I am troubled. They have seemingly worked themselves out since. My job is to stay close to the program and do my work on a daily basis. This allows me to trust and have faith in a higher power. With that, whatever happens is exactly what it supposed to happen in God’s world. So, I’m going to stay close to my HP and live happy, joyous, and free. ILML!

— JasonW

2 thoughts on “Energy Sucking Drama

  1. I really love these posts.. they are a great source of inspiration on a regular basis, whenever they land in my inbox.

    thank you and I do hope you keep them coming.




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