In It to Win It

A focused, consistent, positively motivated and disciplined character is essential to making your life story have a happy ending… The only time  you cannot trust the process … is when your lip-service is greater than your disciplined effort.” — Until Today

I never understood that my purpose in life was to stay healthy, be loving and give the gift of discovering how to do this to others. It takes a lot of determined, focused daily work to accomplish this. Hours each day. And this commitment, this practice of diligence, sets the stage for me to give my all in everything I do — from doing my very best at work, to raising kids and keeping my relationship with my wife healthy and loving. I am a man of my word and give 110% to everything in front of me, starting with my spiritual work and 12 step program. As a result, one day at a time, I keep experiencing minutes, hours, and days beyond my wildest dreams. ILML! 


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