Step into Emotional Recovery

“Many of us grew up trying to please our fathers and feeling we never got the approval we needed.” – Touchstones

I am fortunate to sponsor and love a lot of others in the program. Of them all, I cannot think of one – including me – that felt they received all of the approval and unconditional love they wanted from their father as a child. Unfortunately, when we carry these unmet expectations into our adult lives, they tend to result in low self-esteem and unrealistic needs for our partners to fill that hole in our heart which wasn’t filled by our father. Recognizing this destructive pattern, which hurts both us and those we love, is the first step into emotional recovery. The next is to nurture a relationship with a higher power of our understanding to fill that hole with divine love. That’s what I’m doing today, and as a result, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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