Your Mind Is Listening

“… tell yourself the best is coming, the very best life and love have to offer… Then open your hands and receive it.”

One definition of affirm is to state something as a fact. By practicing daily affirmations out loud like “I love my life!’ and “I open myself up to abundance!” and “I will have an amazing day today!”, we invite our minds to see those affirmations as facts. I often tell my Sponsees “be careful of what you tell yourself, your mind is listening”. The opposite can be just as true, “make sure you’re telling yourself great things, your mind is listening.” As I enter the New Year I publicly affirm that each day I’m alive will just keep getting more wonderful. Hard to believe when my life is already so amazing, but it’s a fact. Just like it’s a fact that ILML! Happy New Year! 

– JamieQ

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