Pain-Free at 100

“If you want to enjoy your power in life, you must have a plan for your physical body. One, you must follow the plan. ” – Until Today

Physical well-being plays a huge part in my ability to love my life. Sometimes, when I want to exercise, I can’t because my back or my neck hurts. It took me many years to realize that back and neck pain is because I don’t regularly stretch and exercise my abdominals, legs and upper body.  And each day I skip stretching and exercising is like saying ‘I’m okay being in pain again – if not today, one day soon’. Therefore, each day for the rest of my life I commit to keep my body strong by stretching and exercising – even if I have to do it right before bed, no matter how tired I am. I plan, and will take the daily action, to be healthy and pain-free at 100. ILML! 

– JamieQ

2 thoughts on “Pain-Free at 100

  1. I have body pains, newly, I’m just 47 years old, developed arthritis this year. What kinds of stretching? I’ve never been taught how to care for my body. My mother was overweight and an alcoholic. I need help with my body plan. Any tips are so appreciated.

    I’ll be in Al-anon 3 years on February 16, 2016. I’m grateful for your posts. And thank God everyday, I found my way into the rooms.

    With Gratitude,



    • I’m 54 and so grateful for the Internet – what an amazing resource. When I was young the only information I could access was whatever books I could find or others who I thought could answer my questions. There are so many holistic methods of dealing with arthritis online, and most include dramatically changing eating habits. My diet is so different now than it used to be – no grain, no oils, no night shades, no red meat or poultry, no beans. I’m 100x healthier and at my ideal weight. But each person is unique. Research what foods to avoid and the best diet for arthritis. Find a daily exercise routine you can ease into. Be consistent. Remember when you choose not to eat and exercise according to the plan you laid out for yourself, you’re saying “I’m ok with the pain”. That will hopefully keep you mining in the right direction. Best of luck and great wishes for this new year!


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