Fear-Filled Fantasy

“Worrying about what’s going to happen is a negative contribution to our future… staying in the present is the best thing I can do for my future.” – The Language of Letting Go 

This reading starts out with “What’s going to happen?” With that tiny sentence I can be led off into a fear-filled fantasy that actually helps to manifest the worst possible outcome for my future. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it? Instead, I prefer to make the statement “Great things will be happening!” In this way I can both focus on doing the footwork in the here and now while simultaneously inviting abundance into each moment to come. Just one more way that ILML! 

— JamieQ

4 thoughts on “Fear-Filled Fantasy

  1. I needed this today. I’ve only been sober for about 150 days. I thank god and AA for that but my pink cloud is gone. I find myself worrying a it things all the time now and it’s hard.


    • I’ve certainly been there. Worry is another word for fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. Faith are the words “everything will turn out great”. There is no worry in our minds when we are hearing and believing those faith-filled words. So the key is getting plugged into a faith that fulfills you and kicks fear’s butt, eradicating worry out of your life. The only way I’ve been able to accomplish this is by suspending any disbelief I have in my higher power’s ability to make my life great (with my help), and to be rigorously consistent in my daily life-loving rituals. That means starting out each day the same way. I awaken and move my hands and feet, then say out loud, softly ‘thank you’. I’m thanking HP for me being alive again and not paralyzed. I recognize that everything else that happens good is icing on the cake. I get into child’s pose and take five slow, deep breaths. I do the same with cat/cow, puppy pose, hold my knees, and then happy baby (smiling because that’s what babies do). I roll out of bed and hit my knees, thanking God and then stand up, raising my hands in the air and say out loud “I love my life! I invite all of your abundance into my life today. Abundance in love, health, romance and finance. Show me how to best be of service today. Help me to be a great man, father, husband, employer, worker, sponsee and sponsor. Thank you for another wonderful day of life. Let’s make it a great day!” Then I make my bed so I am proud of myself from the start of the day. Then I do push-ups, crunches and squats. Then I hit the dumbbells, shower (where I dance and sing to Pandora), get dressed and groomed as nicely as possible, straighten up my house so I’ll be proud of me when I come home and go to Starbucks. I order my chai latte and take out all my books from my spiritual backpack, my highlighter and my pen. I close my eyes and listen to a guided meditation on my iPhone app. I read out of each, looking for a gem to send out. I send out my spiritual text/blog and my gratitude list as a text to others. I journal a bit. Then start my day. I make sure I stay in contact with my HP, my Sponsees and my sponsor. I keep my word and work hard, to the best if my ability. I try to play guitar every day and do some fun things. I laugh every day. I try to get to at least one AlAnon and 3 AA meetings each week. The consistency of this routine keeps me faith-filled and fear-free and helps me live my life!


  2. Wow! Why am I just seeing this? Amazing! I love the idea of a daily spiritual ritual. Your words make me want to do better about that. I needed this today. I am dealing with a great deal of anger right now about a situation with my child at school. Dealing with this much anger is new to me. I am praying and trying to let go. I can’t make other people be good. I can’t make them change. I can only love and pray and try to let the anger go.


    • Yes. We can’t get others to change. We can express our requests, say what we mean, mean what we say, and not say it meanly. But having expectations that they will be honored always takes me into resentment. Instead, by knowing my boundaries (what is ok and isn’t ok), letting others know them, having a game plan of action I’ll take if those boundaries aren’t honored, and then being true to myself by following through I can set my life us for success. That action can’t depend on them changing but it can mean me detaching from them or he situation with love, love for myself. Although others often get upset when I take the action, being consistent and true to my word let’s others know I’m not a doormat, and often times encourages them to honor my boundaries of they indeed do want a relationship with me in the future. And if not, I know my HP has plans for a more loving person or situation to come into my life!


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