A Game Changer

“By letting go, we invite our Higher Power to take charge.” – In God’s Care

At first the idea of surrendering was something almost incomprehensible. My whole life I’ve felt like I should never give up. That’s why this quote is so illuminating. In fact, it’s really a game changer when you think about it. By surrendering I’m not really giving up, I’m just saying “Hey God, I’m in this situation that you’re so much better at resolving so I’m gonna let you handle it this time. Thanks!” And suddenly, all the pressure is gone. I know it will all work out okay because my HP is on the job. When I turn things over to God, ILML! 

– JamieQ

One thought on “A Game Changer

  1. as a recovering Life Lover I am doing this daily, and with this boat situation even moe than daily…:-) Thank you for both awesome Posts!!! ILML!!! I am working at an Irish Sports Bar and Grille for three more days and then I am going to be out of here… I was supposed to be finished working there, as I am basically the guy you see on the street corner with a sign that says “will work for food” but it does save money although it is not near enough to even meet one of my monthly bills I am behind on.. and I am working as a slave like most people do here in Cape Verde …. SO I LET GO, CONTINUE TO SEEK H.P. and Trust all this is going to work out better for me than if I never would have tried on my own in THE END…


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