Poof! Self-pity Disappears

“Self-pity is one of the most unhappy and consuming defects that we know. It is a bar to all spiritual progress…” Daily Reflections

A common saying in AA sums it up like this: “Poor me. Poor me. Pour me another drink.” Self-pity, victimhood, silent scorn and martyrdom all share in common a miserable set of thoughts, feelings and actions: “I am unhappy; it’s not fair, why me?; it’s hopeless; I’m a loser; I’ve failed myself; I’m failing others; this is horrible; I’m going to hide out; I’ll never be happy; and, what’s the point.” I’ve never met anyone that hasn’t been there before. The good news is THERE IS A SOLUTION. The moment I even sense self-pity creeping in I grab my spiritual backpack (which is always close), read some motivations, reach out to help someone who needs help and poof, self-pity disappears and once again, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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