Like a Fire Extinguisher

“Resentment… From it stem all forms of spiritual disease… If I continue to relive hurts and hate, I will hurt and hate myself.” – Daily Reflections

Resentment is a big word. So let’s simplify it. In short, resentment means ANY all ALL feelings of upsettedness. Period. It’s being upset about something, someone or even our own behavior, thoughts or feelings. But wait, isn’t it ok to get upset? Of course! The question is, is it healthy to STAY upset? No!!! Staying upset makes us sick. Emotionally, spiritually and often physically. So the moment I feel upset I pick up some tools from the spiritual toolkit I’ve put together and invite love and gratitude. Like a fire extinguisher it puts out the flames of resentment and once again ILML! 

– JamieQ

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