Fears – A Gateway to God

“Fear was a daily part of my experience… and I learned certain ways to cope with it. I often catch myself reacting to my fears in the same way today, even though my circumstances have changed” (courage to change p.172)
My fear often overwhelms my desires, will power and courage. I used food as a coping method without realizing it. I knew no better. This coping method spiraled out of control and affected me greatly up to this point in my life. Now I know better. I have no reason to fear anything about me. I am whole. I am unique. I am amazing. Being afraid and allowing fear to overwhelm me, I was unable to manage my life properly. I am not doing that anymore. My fears are a gateway to God. 

When I conquer a fear, I become the master of the present moment. When a fear conquers me, I am living in the past or the future and the present moment is lost. I love the opportunity to conquer my fears. I love my life!
– Adam

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