My Simple Job

“We can remember that as difficult as a day may be, we are never alone because nothing can separate us from our higher power. When we accept the bad things that come, even though they are unfair, we give them less power in our lives. Then we are free to go forward and leave more room for the good things.”– Touchstones 6/16

This is a good reminder that no matter what, no matter how bad I feel things may be, I have my higher power with me. This program allows me connect to my higher power on a daily basis which allows me to be more accepting of anything that may come my way. What I have learned is that the more I connect to my higher power on a daily basis, the less bad things come my way, or my perception of them makes them not so bad. When I work my program, I allow abundance, good thing and happiness to flow. My simple job is to take a spiritual action; the next right indicated action. Then, I am in the solution and I can have faith that anything that is happening is happening exactly as it is supposed to. ILML!

– Jason W

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