Simple. Easy. Effective.

“As I surrendered my imaginary power over others, I gained a more realistic view of my own life.” – Courage to Change p.334

Our incredible intellect & superior logic would challenge the idea of control by saying: “I can control people in my family, at work and even others, so, ha!” But who is really controlling whom? I can try to get others to act the way I want them to, but how does it feel when they don’t do as I ask? And isn’t my attention then consumed with them and their actions? I’m apt to be much happier when I identify what’s uncomfortable, express my concerns, have zero expectation that they will change, detach from the results, and then detach from them if their behavior continues bothering me. Simple. Easy. Effective. This allows me to live and let live, get back to focusing on things I’m grateful for, and recognize, once again, that ILML!.” 

– JamieQ

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