My rituals

“If we listen to those moments when we hear a message from ourselves, we become true men – real human beings. The message comes in our solitude, when our defenses against truth are set aside.”– Touchstones 7/20

This talks about how important it is to hear that inner voice, which I believe is our higher power. And that we hear it in times of solitude. I know I have a very busy brain and have a hard time focusing and relaxing, probably a lot to do with being an alcoholic/addict. My program gives me solitude, my daily rituals, meetings, helping other people. This program gives me those times to hear my voice. The tools allow me to relax and get connected to that higher power that guide me on a daily basis. This reminds me to do my rituals today. So grateful to have a solution. ILML!

– JasonW

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