Today’s Gratitude 

I’m grateful I read out of recovery books almost every day of my life. I’m educating myself daily in the art of living peacefully with people, places and things over which I have very little control. By taking the time each day to discover more tools, tricks, hints and suggestions about how to better practice acceptance, patience, understanding, compassion, tolerance, empathy, and love in situations that are uncomfortable to me, I more fully love my life regardless of what may happen in the course of each day. I’m grateful that, more often than not, my words are measured and thoughtful, rather than reactive and defensive. I can’t underestimate the benefit I experience by checking in with myself, taking a temperature and inventory of myself, each day, in my journal. It’s a process of self-discovery far more beneficial than just ruminating in my mind about things – over and over again. I’m grateful for the fellowship, for I’m surrounded by the most incredibly wonderful group of people I could ever know – all of whom are striving to love their lives and improve themselves. I love my job, my family, Maui, Santa Monica, nature, my 5 amazing senses, and this spiritual journey in the human body suit. It’s epic and ILML! 
– JamieQ

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