Icky Feelings Evaporate

“Love is a balm that heals… lightens our burdens… invites inner joy… connects us, one with another. This recovery program has offered us a plan for loving others, as well as ourselves. ” – Each Day a New Beginning
Whenever we feel uncomfortable the quickest way to feel better is to tap into love. Think of things you love. Think of people you love. Think of ways to be loving to yourself and then take the actions to make it happen. Think of ways to express love to people you love, then do it. Eat something tasty and healthy. Practice a hobby. Do something relaxing. Send a sweet text of appreciation to a friend or family member. By taking a loving action, we will feel love flow in and the icky feelings evaporate. I love inviting love in, because the moment I do it, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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