Go with The Flow

“We must endure surprises, pressures, and blows from the world as a normal part of life. The more able we are to absorb the blows, the stronger and more whole we are as men. Perhaps our higher power is leading us to a better plan. Frustrations with spouses or friends can be turned over to our higher power. We do not have a rigid recipe for life, and we must be open to more learning.”– Touchstones 8/23

This program has taught me how to “go with the flow”. How to not be married to how I think my day should go. The more I am connected to my higher power, the more I am able to take things as they come, as guides which help me make decisions, or indicators pointing me towards my next indicated action. The more I have faith that everything is happening to me for a reason, the more I can be in acceptance. And that keeps me happy, joyous, and free on a daily basis. I love this program. ILML!

– JasonW

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