Know so I can Grow

“I will probably make a mistake of some sort every day of my life. If I view this as a personal failing or pretend that no mistakes have occurred, I make my life unmanageable. When I stop struggling to be perfect and admit when I am wrong, I can let go of guilt and shame.” – Courage to Change 

Fear of being wrong is the root of my righteousness, a very unattractive trait. These days, when it comes to making mistakes, I’d rather know so I can grow. But I love myself enough to discontinue relationships with those that are aggressive or abusive towards me when I’m less than perfect. Likewise I’m gentle with myself and others when mistakes are made. The truth is, we’re all perfectly imperfect. Accepting or giving out shame and guilt are no longer options for me in recovery. The more I surrender the need to be right, the more ILML! 

– JamieQ 

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