Get out of Dis-ease

“We have a disease that tells us we don’t have a disease”. – Heard in meetings

What is my Disease? It’s a feeling of not being at ease, being in dis-ease. I envision it as an entity or a part of me who’s sole purpose of existence is to focus my attention on what’s wrong in my life. The question is, when things are truly wrong, how do I get back into a place of feeling at ease? How do I get out of my dis-ease? The 1st step is honing my awareness. This is actually pretty easy. Whenever I’m upset, I’m in my dis-ease. Next, I immediately pause all words, reactions, texts, and emails and practice the tools on the 1st step worksheet at 99% of the time this works. When it doesn’t, I completely surrender, drop down to my knees or into baby pose and say the serenity prayer over and over until I begin to feel at ease again. Through diligent awareness and action, no matter what feelings come up I can quickly get back to remembering how much ILML!

– JamieQ

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