Owe It All To The Program

“I ask God to help me to reach out to people desiring sobriety, and to, please, keep me grateful!”– Daily Reflections 8/30

This sums up two very important things: helping others and staying grateful. I guess you could say these are the two most important things I can do as a sober man. I can work step 12, helping others “desiring sobriety”, and stay grateful no matter what is going on in my life. 

The fact that I am sober another day is enough to be grateful for. I was hopelessly addicted, and the fact that so many years of gone by without a drink or drug is a miracle. Not only does gratitude and helping others keep me sober day at a time, it also opens me up to living a life of abundance. My life is full and I owe it all to the program. Grateful to have a solution. ILML!

– JasonW

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