Loving those we Love

“There is a powerful presence that’s around here at all times… opens doors of opportunity… nourishes your spirit…” – Until Today

It is often difficult to express love to those we are close to. Sometimes this is a lover whom we are angry with, a child who has behaved badly, or a parent who has never really shown us love the way we had expected and desired. Those who regularly read my words know that I consider God to be the expression of love. Ergo, I believe it’s my awareness of, faith in, and expression of love that opens the door to peace, happiness and abundance in my life. So when something in me says “Don’t express love to this person that I love”, I take the contrary action. If I really love them, I momentarily set aside their behavior, wrap my arms around them, and say “I love you”. Because, when I go back to love, ILML! – P.S. Today’s my dad’s birthday… I love you dad!

– JamieQ

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