The Lights are On

“Many of us need continual reminders that detailed attention to the present moment is the only way to prepare for future opportunities and dreams.” —  In God’s Care

Regreting the past and  worrying about the future used to be a daily pastime of mine. Thankfully, because I work the program so rigorously, these are just fleeting thoughts that no longer dominate my mind. I may not be able to control my future, but I definitely play a part in whether my dreams become reality or not. By centering myself spiritually, my decisions are better. They’re  guided from a place of love, not fear. By waking up early and doing those things I may not be excited to do — cleaning house, paying bills, exercising,  calling clients, etc — I reap the rewards of success. My house is clean. The lights are on. My body is strong. I’m self supporting. Today I’ll step up and do those things I’m tempted to procrastinate on and watch my dreams manifest as ILML! 

– JamieQ

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