Guaranteed, Guaranteed

“What are you telling yourself? What are you feeling? What steps are you taking toward manifesting your dreams and goals?” Until Today

By staying spiritually connected, taking action to nurture ourselves in recovery and working diligently to achieve our personal goals, we align ourselves with God’s will for us. In other words, we live happy, joyous and free. Sound good? It does to me! That’s why, each day, I make it a point to wake up early, meditate, stretch, exercise, do my affirmations, make my bed, clean my house, groom myself, dress becomingly, read uplifting literature, journal, write my gratitude list, share hope with others, productively work, play, sing, dance, make time for fun and share in fellowship with others. Guaranteed, GUARANTEED, when I do all those things ILML! 

— JamieQ

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