Wanting to be Right

“Do I remember that I have a right to my opinion but that others don’t have to share it?” — Daily Reflections 

I grew up with two parents who, before having kids, were just two people. When they argued, like most people, each of them wanted to be right and sway the other to agree with them. They acted the same way with us. And when I grew up, I did the same with everyone else – and I was good at it. I can still use my attorney-like personality to drill others until they finally relent and agree with me out of utter exhaustion. But this form of manipulation saboutages my relationships. In recovery, my goal is to state my opinion gently (if asked) and let others have theirs. When I choose to live and let live, instead of needing others to agreee with me, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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