Throw Up Your Hands

“Sooner or later, everyone arrives at a point where life seems to have become too big to cope with… we have to get life back in focus… we have lost our perspective…” – Acceptance: The way to serenity and peace of mind

Things are actually going great in my life right now. Of course, the Boogie Man is always hiding in the closet and waiting to scare me, but my life is truly blessed and I’m living in the solution. But it’s not always been like that. Life throws us some curveballs once in awhile. I’ve been through the death of loved ones, divorce, financial ruin, and life threatening illness. Each time I got through it the same way: I surrendered. I threw up my hands, said “Enough, I cannot do this anymore. It is too painful. Please help me.” I stopped trying to fix it. I made amends and forgave. When I’m sick and tired of the pain I cease fighting anyone and anything,  I waive the white flag and really give it to God, I join the winning side. Then, and only then, will ILML! 

– JamieQ

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