Emotional Hangovers

“keep the focus on myself… live this program… walking the walk, demonstrating recovery in my life.” – Courage to Change 

Unfortunately it doesn’t take much for me to go from staying in gratitude, taking care of myself, to feeling uncomfortable and focusing on what others should (or shouldn’t) be doing. You would think, at 55 years old, I would have learned better by now. But I’ve discovered that there will always be a part of me, I call it my “Dis-Ease”, that encourages me to engage in thinking and actions which take me out of my comfort zone, where I’m no longer at ease. Emotional hangovers are the direct result of thinking or acting out at the suggestion of my DisEase. My best defense against falling into the trap of focusing on others is reading inspirational literature, sharing gratitude with others, journaling out my thoughts, and connecting with source. The more consistently I do this, the more ILML!

– JamieQ

4 thoughts on “Emotional Hangovers

  1. Nice post. Thanks. I certainly understand. The spiritual toolkit helps with these recurring challenges, shifting the thinking (per the third-step prayer) to what you can do to help others. Thinking about your self less and others more often solves this problem.


    • Easy to do Lamar when we are dealing not only either people, places and things but with the thought that tend to swirl around in our heads. Thanks God that I work the program consistently or I would be in the problem all the time!

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