A Giant Toolkit

“Obsessing can be a deadly habit. If we’re thinking too much, we can’t enjoy what’s going on around us… Self-absorption is the enemy of serenity. Peace of mind comes from trusting God.” – In God’s Care

A good friend of mine was obsessing to the extent that he was unable to fall asleep last night. I know that feeling well. When there is no solution in my power evident to the problem, I’m left with two choices: Stay in the problem or turn it over to God. The first is painful but the second is often not so easy. Luckily I have a giant toolkit bursting at the seam with solutions to help me turn it over. I can reach out to others. Pray. Meditate. Exercise. Help newcomers. Read inspirational books. Share what I find with others. Write a gratitude list. Journal out my thoughts and read them to my sponsor. Go to a meeting. Those are just a few. However I get there, the moment I’m able to turn an unsolvable problem over to my higher power, is the moment that, once again, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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