Rigorous Self-Care

“We often equate the need to be acknowledged or acceptanced by others with being loved. What’s really beneath this is a cry for self-love.” – Adapted from Iyanla Vanzant

Many of my recovery texts site the fact that I read from inspirational books each day as part of my rituals. One of the great benefits of doing this is that I’m constantly learning how to interpret my feelings in a way that makes me happy. The quote above reminds me that when I’m feeling unloved, unacknowledged, or unaccepted by others, what’s really going on is that I haven’t been loving myself enough. When I practice rigorous self-care – physically, emotionally and spiritually – I am in a state of love and serenity that cannot be taken from me by the actions or inactions of others. I’m in a place of peace that allows me to see what’s they are doing as something which reflects upon them, not me. I am no longer dependent upon them to give me what I have already given to myself. When I take the time to fully practice self-care and love myself each day, ILML!

– JamieQ 

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