Detatching from Toxicity

“If I’m still suffering in reaction to a specific behavior that has occurred … I need to stop hoping the behavior will cease and instead detach and start changing my attitudes, expectations, and responses… There is no need for me to suffer because of the behavior of others.” – Hope for Today
Learning to detach from the behavior of others has been one of the most difficult lessons in recovery for me. On occasion, I still struggle when, how and with whom to do it. If my side of the street is clean, if I’ve made my amends, and if their behavior still feels toxic to my heart, it’s not time to decide the future of the relationship. Instead, it’s time to grace the space, detach, and give that person, along with their behavior, to God, who’s much better at handling things and people that I’m powerless over. When I detach from toxic people and situations, and turn instead to my higher power, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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