Steered by a Higher Power

“…we will know peace.” – 12&12 p.84

Before I came into the program I was 7 years sober and definitively not in a place of peace. I was running the show by myself and it was never to my exact liking. I was constantly struggling, frustrated, disappointed and feeling like a victim. These days, I have placed the rudder into the hands of a power that wants only love and peace for me. Steered by the kind, compassionate and understanding hands of my higher power, I have been guided to a place that is more magical, more wonderful and more amazing than any I could have ever imagined. It is only when I take back the rudder that I once again cause myself to suffer. And so it is. When I surrender expectations and trying to control my life, I am at peace and ILML! 

– JamieQ

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