Like a Broke Bike

The insidious insanity of the disease of alcoholism is troubling and fear creating. 

At times it strikes so hard and fast and lasts for an incredibly long time. There is a knot in my stomach and my brain is whirring a thousand miles an hour but is not connected to any gears – like the pedals of a bicycle with a broken chain. 

What can I do about this feeling?
The choices are numerous. The quickest and easiest route to finding serenity again for me is prayer. A moment of meditation followed by a quick simple acknowledgment of the feeling also settle me and slow my disconnected brain down. 

I can also talk to another alcoholic, my sponsor or write about it. Often I can find solace in the literature and slogans. 
Am I hungry, angry, lonely or tired?
These are all “suggestions” that the program offers up for an alcoholic like me to take. 

One thing that I do know is that the sooner I identify the problem, find a solution and apply the action, the sooner I can find the serenity I gave back to my disease and the sooner I can LOVE MY LIFE!!!

– AdamW

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