The Best Me I Can Be

“Overtime, some of us become too comfortable living with our familiar, unhealthy behaviors.” –  Reaching for Personal Freedom 

We’ve all heard the expression “It’s progress, not perfection.” But all too often, what some of us hear is “It’s ok to keep practicing my defects of character, as long as I’m making progress at letting some go.” Here’s the problem with that, for me. I feel badly when I ACT badly. Others then react to me.  Then I blame them. And the cycle of upsettedness continues. That kind of existence sucks. As such, I try not to ever use “progress not perfection” as an excuse to justify my bad behavior. Instead, I journal daily to discover if I’ve acted poorly. I then make immediate amends, committing to try not to repeat the behavior. By taking responsibility for my behavior, and striving always to be the best me I can be, ILML! 

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