Shifting our POV

“Nothing about my circumstances had changed except the way I felt about them… Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Courage to Change 

After years of consistently doing recovery rituals I’ve learned how truly powerful my perception is. It’s actually the pivital point of my state of mind. Look that way at things, they’re terrible. Look the other way at them, they’re all gifts. When I get too busy to read from uplifting, positive, affirming literature, or to journal out what’s going on in my life, or to write out a gratitude list, to pray, stretch, meditate, exercise, eat healthy, or fellowship with others that are walking this life loving road, then I see things negatively. Earlier today I was in bit of discomfort. Right now I’m doing The Daily Deal and feel my POV shifting to a place where… ILML! 

– JamieQ

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