Love the Child Inside

“The small child within each of us is profoundly in need of unconditional love.” – In God’s Care  

When I think of myself as a small child, maybe 3 or 4 years old, 8 or 9, 12 or 13, and I think about how much I yearned to be loved, accepted and cared for, I realize that at 55 years old, I still want and deserve the same thing. I have given that kind of love to all 4 of my kids, and still do. I love them beyond words, and would do anything for them to make them happy and feel loved. So why not add a 5th kid into my life, and do anything to make me happy and feel loved. That’s exactly what I’ve done by doing The Daily Deal everyday. I give a gift to myself that makes me feel loved, safe and grateful. The hour or two I devote to reading, journaling, praying, affirmations, meditating, sharing fellowship, stretching, exercise, eating healthily, and sending out a gratitude list & recovery text feed me with the love I’ve always craved for, and honestly, I believe that’s why ILML so much!

– JamieQ

2 thoughts on “Love the Child Inside

  1. WOW! This is exactly where I am at today. Even after 25 years of sobriety I still need to take the time to love myself after not being loved as a child. Thank you

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    • Sandra… me too! These days I realize when I really am taking time to be loving to myself. Surprisingly, even though I “should” be at work right now, instead I’m taking time to read your comment on my blog and resold to it, and smiling the whole time, because this FEELS loving to me, my spirit and my soul. Have a wonderful day!


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