Letting Things Go

“The only way to get what you really want is to let go of what you don’t want.” ― Iyanla Vanzant 

Sometimes it’s easy to let go, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes we hold on to things we think will help us, but they only hold us back. Sometimes we hold onto things we love so tightly, we crush them. Sometimes we are so worried about losing something that we fail to see there’s something much better trying to get our attention. And sometimes we’re just plain stubborn and selfish, we won’t let go. But Iyanla is right. In order to get a life beyond our wildest dreams we have to being to let go of the one that isn’t. People, places and things that no longer align themselves with our values or the kind of life we want to live. So just for today be brave. Let go of one thing you’ve been hanging onto that you know isn’t good for you. It could be  a relationship that is overdue to end, or some article of clothing taking up unnecessary space, or maybe even a resentment that you’re finally just too tired to have anymore. When I let go of that which no longer brings me joy, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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