Am I Helping or Hurting?

“Care for the alcoholic, don’t carry them.” – Heard in the Rooms

As a sponsor, or as anyone who loves someone who is struggling with this disease, there’s always the tendency to go too far for that person, to do too much. Learning how to help them help themself versus doing for them what they can do for themself is not as easy as it may sound. Here’s a few ways I know I’m not making them over-dependent upon me:  When I give them a suggestion, they act on it. They return my calls consistently. They are actively wanting, and stepping up for, their recovery. But if, while I’m showing up for them I realize they aren’t showing up for themselves, it’s time for me to detach until they are really ready. When I’m of service to those who truly want to get better, and are willing to go to any length for health and happiness, ILML!  

– JamieQ

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