Play Well with Others

“… I took another step to maturity as I continue to recover from my illness of not listening.” – Hope for Today

Today’s reading was spot on for me. It says that somehow I developed this idea that, since my opinions were inseparable from my self-image, I needed for them to be right – otherwise I was wrong, which meant I wasn’t good enough. And so intolerance of others’ views crept in, I developed a black and white way of thinking, and attempted to convince others that my way was THE WAY to think. I became great at debating people until they gave in or gave up. This defect was rooted in fear and insecurity. The reading reminds me that I can get healthier. I can listen, allow others to speak their opinions without needing to debate them, and if I’m really spiritually centered, even say “You may be right.” When I practice the program and do my best to play well with others, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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