An Exercise in Misery or…

“The only way to ease our fear and be truly happy is to acknowledge it and look at it’s source.” – Thitch Near Han
No one in the world escapes being afraid. Sometimes fear is good for me, in that it can motivate me to take action or change. But being worried about something that I have no control over is an exercise in misery. My magic mind, focused on the fear, imprisons me in an endless cycle of potential devastation, rendering me emotionally hungover for hours, days or even weeks. Instead, if I simply put pen to paper, articulate the fear, acknowledge that it’s only one potential outcome, write down the words “I WILL be ok even if that fear materializes”, and follow it up by composing a deep gratitude list, I am able to walk though (and then let go of) my fear. And when I’m fear-free, knowing for sure that I’ll be great no matter what, ILML! 

– JamesQ

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