From Misery to Happiness

“Look into any phase of my life and you will see joy and happiness, a sense of usefulness in the scheme of things, where formerly there was fear, sorrow and utter futility.” – ‘A Businessman’s Recovery’ from AA’s Big Book

When the steps, tools, principles and slogans of AA and AlAnon are diligently applied, no problem is too great to be lessened. No situation is hopeless. Think about that for a second. Those are what I call some epic promises. And the price we must pay? Consistency, diligence, and dedication to working our program every day. Of course, we need someone to show us the way, but that’s just another gift. We find someone to guide us, we take direction and practice it, the promises are fulfilled in our life, and then we show others how to do it. The byproduct of this is that we begin to develop self-esteem and love ourselves. Like the businessman in the Big Book, as a result of doing the deal,  I’ve had the perceptual shift from misery to happiness, and today… ILML! 

– JamieQ

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