My Awareness Muscle

“If we live each day to the best of our ability, we will soon find we don’t have time to worry about the future or regret the past. We will be too busy enjoying life.” – Alanon—Hope for Children of Alcoholics, p. 56

If we hang around in recovery long enough, we will hear this theme over and over again. But the truth is – at least for me – that it’s impossible to not reflect on the past, or think about the future. What I strive for is to not get stuck. When I’m replaying the past too often, I’m stuck. When I’m excited or scared about something in the future too often, I’m stuck. When I get lost and stop living in the now, my secret for getting back to the present is awareness. By consciously exercising my awareness muscle, I’m able to recognize when I’m overly focused on the past or the future. Only then can I apply program solutions to calm my mind and bring it back into this moment of time. When I take those actions, suddenly I find myself back, feeling grateful for everything and ILML! 

– James

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