Winning the Lottery of Life

“Discipline magically leads to results in your life… (it) cannot be forced upon you…” – Until Today

The payoff I get from being self-disciplined in my program rituals is magical – I get to love my life! It’s like winning the lottery of life every morning and only paying $1 each day. My rituals consist of consciously staying connected to source, saying affirmations out loud, yelling out I love my life, highlighting books from my spiritual backpack, journaling, writing and sharing gratitude lists, sending out these inspirational messages, connecting with others who love in the solution, using program principles in all my affairs, attending AA and Alanon meetings, and making amends as soon as I become aware that I’ve hurt someone (intentionally or unintentionally). By staying self-disciplined, and rigorously repeating healthy behaviors on a daily basis, my perception and attitude remain healthy and ILML! 

– JamieQ

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