Loving Up The Boogie Man

“Many of us have been afraid for so long… it feels normal.” – Until Today

I’d like you to try a visualization. Imagine a childhood fear, like the Boogie Man in the dark closet late at night. Imagine seeing past his fangs, his drooling saliva, and his howling scream. Now slowly, with invincible courage and faith, walk up to him, put your arms around him and say, “It’s ok. Don’t be scared. I love you.” Imagine his face softening and as he gently lays his head upon your shoulder, he wraps his arms around you. When you look up, he’s no longer a scary Boogie Man, instead he’s just a child that was yearning to be loved. From this point forward, when the Boogie Man appears in your life, whether in others, or in a scary experience, or even inside of us, close your eyes, wrap your arms around him, and give him your courageous love. When I am fearless enough to choose love rather than reacting in anger or self-pity, the Boogie Man just melts away and… ILML!   

– JamieQ

2 thoughts on “Loving Up The Boogie Man

    • Me neither! We hold the keys to our ability to feel grateful ALL the time, even when our perception of events is that they are the very worst. And when we master this ability we finally start to realize that every experience is abundant with growth, opportunity and love!

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