The Shit Magnet

“Life can be full of wonder and delight, provided I do not let my expectations override my acceptance.” Adapted from Daily Reflections

Lately I’ve been listening to videos upon awakening. I google “morning affirmations” and listen to different ones each day while doing yoga in my bed, and it feels amazing. The reason doing things like this, and meditating, exercising, doing service work, getting to meetings, fellowshipping, reading inspirational books, journaling, and writing gratitude lists is so important for me is because some part of my brain is always trying to get me to focus on the problems and difficulties in my life. I call that part of my brain “The Shit Magnet”. It wants to activate and accumulate everything that makes me feel shitty. By taking contrary, spiritual actions, I distract it, redirecting the flow of energy away from the shitty stuff and onto the good stuff. And when I’m able to do that… ILML! 

– Jamie Q

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