The Great Thing is…

“My recovery is a matter of balance.” – Hope for Today 

For an all-or-nothing multi-tasking people-pleasing driven type of person like me, that’s been a pretty big challenge. When I think of balance, even that can seem overwhelming. I start thinking “Ok, I’ll balance working with paying bills, being there for my wife and kids, being of service to my sponsees, working my program, doing my affirmations, my prayers, my yoga, journaling, reading from inspirational books, getting the car washed, working out, getting the laundry done, playing guitar, eating healthy, sleeping, taking care of my clients, meditating, getting into nature, cleaning the house, organizing, fixing some broken things, making some improvements, putting out fires, and sleeping. I’m sure I left out about 20 things, at least, lol. When my brain takes me there I simply say to myself “Breathe James, just breathe.” And then a smile creeps onto my face as I realize there really are no big deals, except to just enjoy this moment. The great thing is that when I stop and work the principles of the program on my own magic mind, it calms me down long enough for me to remember that ILML! 

– JamieQ

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