The Chattering Chimp

“We are so occupied with this mental chatter…” – In God’s World
The chattering chimp in my mind is one of the first voices I hear upon awakening and it’s so loud. “Hello? Hello? Check your phone! Check your emails! Check your texts! OK, now let’s review the urgent things, especially the ones we’re worried about!” Luckily for me, the program has shined a light on the chattering chimp and brought awareness to me. It’s also given me some great tools like breathing, meditation, yoga, exercise, reading spiritual literature, journaling, connecting to a higher power, affirmations, meetings, fellowship, and service work, which all help to quiet the chimp. Suggestions like getting enough rest, eating well, pausing when agitated, and running things by others in the program first also help me stay out of anxiety and in serenity. Of course the chattering chimp is still there – he never goes away forever. But these days he’s not nearly as vocal, loud or persistant. By staying aware of what my brain is saying to me, training it to remain calm through my rituals, and insisting on being happy, I can keep the chattering chimp under control, and ILML! 

– JamieQ

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